For new health coaches who don't feel ready to coach

Finally the process and practice you need to be a skilled health coach who can effortlessly guide clients toward their health & wellness goals

...without being a medical expert, practicing with free clients or feeling like a fraud

Don't let doubts and fears keep you from living your dream of being a skilled, successful and self-assured health coach.


When you started your health coach training I bet you were so excited to formalize what you’d been doing for years sharing your health knowledge and tips with your friends and family. Finally, you could make this a career start getting paid to share your passion for health and wellness with others.

And then you learn that as a coach, you’re not actually the health expert. You're not supposed to tell your clients what to eat, how to be healthier or give advice and recommendations.

If you can’t do this, what the heck do you do? Confusion sets in.

You have a few tools and resources from your course but you’re not sure how to put it all together and actually help your clients get results.

You know you need to start marketing yourself and telling people you’re a health coach, but thinking about posting on social media or sending emails to your contacts, makes you feel like a fraud and an imposter.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

I’m scared I can’t help people.

I’m not ready yet.

So you hold back. You wait. You don’t send those emails. You don’t post on social media. You don’t get clients.

You search for more training. Do more research. Read more books.

You try practicing with friends and family. Get a few non-paying clients to try and gain some experience.

But time goes by and you still don’t feel ready.

Will you let this training go to waste?

Will you give up on your dream of becoming a successful and effective health coach?

I'm here to tell you: There's is hope!

You are not alone. You can be a skilled and confident health coach

What if you could let go of the pressure to be the expert, fix your clients and solve all their health problems?

What if you looked forward to every coaching session because you knew exactly what to do, what to say and how to coach.

What if you got practice, testimonials and confidence without having to give away your time and expertise for free?

What if you couldn’t wait to tell the world you’re a health coach, get those first clients and build a successful coaching biz?

 All of this is absolutely possible! I've mapped out a step-by-step coaching process and structure that shows you finally how to coach your clients with confidence and clarity!


Michelle MacLean | Health Coach Skills Mentor | Health Coaching Essentials |
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HCE isn’t just more coaching theories, concepts and ideas. It’s a practical, hands-on, 9-week, online course and skills lab that will take you from confused and unskilled to clear, competent & confident.

I'll walk you step-by-step through the entire process from your first free discovery call to your final coaching session and everything in between.

√ You’ll learn how to deliver highly converting discovery sessions with a coach approach that feels welcoming, productive and non-salesy.

√ You'll learn how to onboard your clients and set a solid foundation to the coaching relationship that establishes trust and rapport.

√ You'll discover the mindset necessary to let go of being the expert and become a trusted wellness ally for your clients.

√ You’ll refresh and hone your core coaching skills so you’ll feel competent and equipped to jump into any coaching scenario.

√ You’ll learn a proven goal-setting and action planning process to inspire and motivate your clients toward their ideal outcomes.

√ You'll get clarity on proven coaching techniques to guide your clients through an effective behavioural change process.

√ You’ll get a proven framework for your coaching program no matter what your niche or target market.

√ You’ll get scripts and templates for exactly what to say, ask and do during your foundation, ongoing and final sessions.

And that's not all...

The best part is, You're going to get a ton of practical experience too!

You're going to learn a ton of great info AND you'll get to listen to 13 coaching sessions with two of my personal clients.

Then you'll get to practice coaching each week and receive feedback from me and your fellow coaches.

In-between our calls you'll have an opportunity to gain more experience by practicing your skills with your coaching buddy.

You'll also receive testimonials from your coaching buddies to bring credibility, experience and social proof.

In 9 weeks you'll gain experience and confidence to get your first clients or be a better coach to your current clients!

If you are:

→ Doubting your ability to coach clients because the whole process seems really unclear

→ Scared to launch your coaching biz because you feel like an imposter and a fraud

→ Focussed on more training or practice clients as a distraction from launching

→ Worried that clients will think it's a waste of  time and money working with you

→ Confused about how to provide value if you can't give advice or tell people what do

→ Afraid that you'll have to give up this dream and will end up being a failure

then Health Coaching Essentials is right for you!

Here's what health coaches have said about Health Coaching Essentials

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That's all great , but will this work for me?

If you've already competed a health coach training program you have almost everything you need.

You have the basics. What you're likely missing is a solid coaching process and structure to follow because this isn't taught in most schools.

And chances are you didn't get enough to practice during your training to feel confident enough in your coaching skills.

Once you have the structure, process and practical experience to add to your knowledge base, you'll absolutely be ready!

In just 9 weeks you can fill these gaps with these health coaching essentials and be on your way to a successful and rewarding health coaching career.

Imagine this...

You can't wait to market yourself because you believe so strongly in your abilities and process to support and guide your clients to healthier lives.

You're beaming with delight at the end of your coaching sessions because of how confidently you showed up and the progress your clients are making.

You feel joy and gratitude to be able to do this work that is aligned with your values and makes such a big difference in your clients' lives.

You receive positive feedback and referrals from clients because you're such a great coach.

What else would be possible if this was your story? 

Here's what'S inside

Michelle MacLean | Health Coach Skills Mentor | Health Coaching Essentials |

I've created a framework that includes three essential pillars that will support you in becoming an effective and successful health coach. The pillars are delivered throughout eight weekly interactive modules to support you in refining, honing and upleveling your health coaching skills, structure and process.

Pillar #1 - Coaching MINDSET & Skills

Coaching Skills & Competencies (1)
  • Shift into the coaching mindset so you can let go of the pressure to be a medical health expert and become a trusted wellness ally

  • Embrace the coach approach so you can guide your client through a transformational coaching experience

  • Get clear on how to explain the coaching value proposition so you can enter the coaching relationship with clarity

  • Fully grasp your scope of practice and learn how to differentiate yourself from other health practitioners

  • Refresh and hone your core coaching skills - active listening, powerful questioning, reflecting, coaching presence, letting the client lead and more

  • Become a competent and equipped health coach who can to jump into any coaching scenario with ease

  • Pillar 1 is delivered over the first three modules through easy-to-follow video lessons

Pillar #2 - Coaching Structure & Process

Coaching Skills & Competencies (2)
  • Learn how to deliver highly converting discovery sessions with a coach approach that feels welcoming, productive and non-salesy

  • Create a professional welcome packet that sets your client up for success and prepares them for your coaching experience

  • Discover how to conduct powerful foundation sessions that deepen your clients’ self-exploration process

  • Learn how to strategically goal-set and action-plan so your clients will be inspired & motivated toward their desired outcomes

  • Activate a proven ongoing session agenda that gives you exactly what to say and ask during each section and the timing for each

  • Get clarity on proven coaching techniques to effectively guide your clients through a behavioural change process

  • Learn ways to help your client overcome challenges such as limiting beliefs, feeling stuck, and dealing with feelings

  • Find out how to come to completion with your clients so they feel accomplished and well-supported for the next phase of their wellness journey

  • Pillar #2 is delivered during weeks 4-5-6-7-8 through easy-to-follow video lessons, handouts, templates, frameworks and worksheets

Pillar #3 - Practice, Practice & More Practice

Coaching Skills & Competencies (3)
  • It's one thing to learn a variety of coaching theories and concepts, but the real learning takes place from the "doing"

  • The best way to build your confidence and skills as a health coach is to practice, practice and then practice some more

  • You'll listen to 13 real coaching sessions, I recorded with two health coaching clients, as I coach them through the 6 sections of a coaching session

  • Practice during our weekly skills lab sessions and receive feedback from me and your fellow coaches. Everyone in the program will get a chance to practice every week

  • Pair up with a buddy coach and get some extra practice in between our skills lab calls

  • Receive testimonials from your coaching colleagues to bring credibility, experience and social proof to your coaching biz

  • Pillar #3 starts during week #2 and continues each week for the duration of the course. Skills Lab calls are conducted by Zoom

And of course, there's a supportive community!

You'll become part of a small, tight-knit community of like-minded health coaches who are ready to uplevel their skills and build their confidence! You'll support each other every step along the way. Community, support and relationships like these are invaluable!

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Health Coaching Essentials is approved for continuing education credits by both the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) for 25 CEs and the UK Health Coach Association (UKHCA) for 25 CPD. 

HCE Testimonial Pics (2)

"Michelle's program revolutionized my coaching!"


I just had another brilliant session with a client and I've no doubt it is because I followed your guidance and session plan, used the questions you suggested for each section and implemented the pre-session check-in with the client.

I used to feel nervous and anxious about coaching, and worry about 'filling' the time. Now I genuinely enjoy it and feel like my clients are making so much more tangible progress than they ever were before.

Without a doubt the best investment I have made in my business to date."

~ Bex Brame, Intuitive Nutrition Health Coach

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"My confidence has gone through the roof!"

"I’m so happy I enrolled and completed Michelle’s course. My confidence has gone through the roof.

I no longer worry and stress about what I’m going to discuss with a client before a session because what ever the topic is, I know I can handle it. Thank you Michelle."

~ Maria Kazantzis, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I've helped close to 1000 health coaches practice their skills and build their confidence, now it's your turn!

When I left the corporate world, I vowed I'd become the best health coach I could be. Since then I’ve spent close to $25,000 on heath coaching trainings and certifications over the last 10 years.

But I always go back to the one wellness coach training I did to get ready for my ICF ACC accreditation that changed the trajectory of my coaching business.

In that course I learned core coaching competencies, submitted coaching recordings for review and feedback, then had 10 personal 1:1 calls with a mentor who evaluated my coaching.

It was the most valuable thing I’d ever done. Why?

Because I got to practice and received personal feedback. And because of this, I gained confidence in my skills and abilities as a health coach.

It was a small financial investment that paid back huge dividends. Here’s what I was able to do because of my skills and confidence:

  • I launched a group health coaching program that I ran online for five years
  • I worked with hundreds of private 1:1 coaching clients
  • I got a coaching gig at the wold’s largest health coaching training program
  • I was invited to host a breakout session at IIN’s Live event that featured Deepak Chopra
  • I’m part of IIN’s Coaching Intensive Practicum faculty
  • I received the credential of NBC-HWC (National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach)
  • I’ve coached over 2000 health coach students and provided feedback for over 1500 coaching demos

That small investment nine years ago is still paying me back today. It’s allowed me to be the best coach I can be, serve my clients, do work that aligns with my values and go to bed at night knowing I made a difference.

Skills and confidence is what I offer you through Health Coaching Essentials.

When you weigh the benefits with the investment in the program and what it will bring to your future as an effective and successful health coach, I believe it’s an easy choice.

So tell me... are you in?

Yes Michelle! I’m ready to get these Health Coaching Essentials


Here's what's included:

HCE gives you all the tools, resources and practice to uplevel your coaching skills in just 9 weeks, including:

8 weekly modules & video trainings

Weekly email checklists & homework

Weekly 2-hour skills labs with Michelle

13 recorded coaching demos

Private Facebook community

Weekly buddy coaching practice

Highly converting discovery call script

Onboarding materials - agreement & welcome packet

Coaching scripts and techniques

Client handouts and worksheets

Weekly quizzes 

Completion certificate

And I have some extra goodies for you!

The 8 main modules of HCE will completely uplevel your coaching skills, structure and processes.

And you'll also receive these four bonuses that will support you in taking your health coaching to the next level.

BONUS #1 - 8 Complex Coaching Guides

I've created coaching guides for the top 8 main challenges I hear from new health coaches. Everything from helping clients who are stuck and overcoming limiting beliefs to and how to talk about diet and how to educate in a coach-like way.

Valued at: $397

BONUS #2 - Group Coaching Guide

 Not interested in 1:1 coaching? Want to experiment with group coaching or do a mix of both? In this guide, I'll explain how to apply my coaching structure, processes and framework to a group coaching situation.

Valued at: $197

BONUS #3 - Customizable Canva Templates

Personalize 13 of the client resources I've provided in the course, including agreement & welcome packet, vision, values & goals worksheets and more. Get Canva links to each of the files so you can customize them with your own brand.

Valued at: $297

BONUS #4 - Written Coaching Feedback

You'll be getting a ton of verbal feedback from me and your colleagues each week, and I also know how important written feedback is. You'll have an opportunity to record a 20-30 minute coaching session and submit it to me for written feedback.

Valued at: $197

More health coaches share their experience with Health Coaching Essentials

HCE Testimonials (9)
HCE Testimonials (23)
HCE Testimonials (8)

So let's recap!

Weekly live skills labs with Michelle including 13 recorded coaching demos (Value $3800)

9 weeks of support in our Facebook Group (Value $1500)

Unlimited access to all course materials and updates (Value $1200)

8 weekly modules of lessons, scripts, handouts, templates and more (Value $2500)

Bonus #1 - 8 complex coaching guides (Value $397)

Bonus #2 - Group coaching guide (Value $197)

Bonus #3 - Customizable Canva templates (Value $297)

Bonus #4 - Written coaching feedback (Value $197)

TOTAL VALUE = $10,088

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HCE Testimonial Pics (12)

"I feel more equipped to step into my role as coach."

I signed up for Michelle's HCE course over a year after earning my coaching certification and six months after receiving my board certification. I wanted to continue to hone in on my coaching skills and receive feedback in an intimate group setting. Michelle brought her professional expertise to the course, and that, along with her supportive, positive, and warm personality, really made each session truly enjoyable. After completing HCE, I feel more equipped to step into my role as a coach. Michelle is an excellent mentor and guide - 5 stars all the way!

~ Rachel Hagstrom, NBC-HWC

HCE Testimonial Pics (13)

"My clients are getting a much better experience."

"Before taking Health Coaching Essentials, I didn't have a clear structure for my coaching calls, and I often felt all over the place and unsure of what the process should look like. Since taking the course, I now feel confident about how to set up my sessions. I know what to focus on during different parts of the call, and I have a much better grasp on how much time to spend on things like accountability, coaching, and putting together a plan. I honestly feel like my current clients are getting a much better coaching experience now that I've taken this course."

~ Rebecca Pruitt, NBC-HWC

A year after I promised myself I would be the best coach I could be and receiving mentorship, I got a gig at the world's largest health coaching school, IIN.

For eight years I've been coaching students in IIN's health coach training program. I've coached over 2000 students and I hear 95% of them say they're not ready to coach because they don't know enough and aren't confident in their skills.

I felt like this too, and for the first two years of my coaching career, I faked it big time. I was exhausted, confused, inexperienced and felt like I was wasting my clients' time and money.

To overcome my lack of confidence I did more health coach trainings and certifications.

In the end, I cobbled together bits and pieces of these courses into my own coaching structure and process, that I believe are based on best practices in the field.

After watching so many new health coaches struggle, I'm thrilled to finally bring this offering to you. No more trying to figure all of this out on your own like I did.

Inside Health Coaching Essentials, over 9 weeks you'll receive the tools, strategies and processes along with practice to hone your skills, build your competencies and boost your confidence so you can become a successful and effective health coach.

Are you ready take the next step in your dream of having a fulfilling career and making a difference as a health coach?

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Health Coaching Essentials:

Weekly live skills labs with Michelle including 13 recorded coaching demos (Value $3800)

9 weeks of support in our Facebook Group (Value $1500)

Unlimited access to all course materials and updates (Value $1200)

8 weekly modules of lessons, scripts, handouts, templates and more (Value $2500)

Bonus #1 - 8 complex coaching guides (Value $397)

Bonus #2 - Group coaching guide (Value $197)

Bonus #3 - Customizable Canva templates (Value $297)

Bonus #4 - Written coaching feedback (Value $197)

TOTAL VALUE = $10,088

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