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For new health coaches who don't feel ready to coach

Finally the process, structure and framework you need to uplevel your coaching skills so you can be a confident and effective health coach!

...without being a medical expert or feeling like a fraud

Don't let doubts and fears keep you from living your dream of being a skilled, successful and self-assured health coach.


Sometimes it feels like health coaching is a bit of a mystery. It seems like you’re taught the theories and concepts behind it and when you graduate you’re left with the huge gap of not feeling confident in your skills and have no process or structure to follow.

And if you’re like most of the new health coaches I work with, you’re probably comparing yourself to all the other health coaches out there who seem to know what they're doing. You likely feel intimidated, frustrated, overwhelmed, ill-equipped and ill-prepared. And you’re wondering if you’ll ever feel ready or if you should just pack it in. Sound about right?

I get it. I know how frustrating it is to complete a health coach training program and feel like you still don't have the skills, process or structure to actually coach clients. 

I felt exactly the same way. And I kept doing more trainings and certifications hoping that the next one would give me what I needed. What I found is, no one really teaches this.

Many new coaches believe they have to train more, become a health expert, or give away their services for free with pro bono clients. The truth is you first need to believe and trust in your own coaching skills and you need a solid coaching process and structure to follow.

If you don’t build these foundational skills and competencies, you’ll probably spend more money and time on additional training, be frustrated by free practice clients who aren’t engaged, and you’ll continue to worry that clients will think it’s a waste of time and money working with you.

These fears and doubts will continue to hold you back from launching, getting those first clients and having a meaningful and rewarding health coaching business.

I'm here to tell you: There's nothing wrong with you!

You are not alone. You can be a skilled and confident health coach

What if you could let go of the pressure to be the expert, fix your clients and solve all their health problems?

What if you looked forward to every coaching session because you knew exactly what to do, what to say and how to coach.

What if you couldn’t wait to tell the world you’re a health coach, get those first few clients and start building a successful health coaching biz?

 All of this is absolutely possible! I've mapped out a step-by-step coaching process and structure that shows you finally how to coach your clients with confidence and clarity!


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Health Coaching Essentials Self-Study isn’t just more coaching theories, concepts and ideas. It’s a step-by-step framework and coaching process that will take you from confused and unskilled to clear, competent and confident.

I'll walk you step-by-step through the entire process from your first free discovery call to your final coaching session and everything in between.

√ You’ll learn how to deliver highly converting discovery sessions with a coach approach that feels welcoming, productive and non-salesy.

√ You'll learn how to onboard your clients and set a solid foundation to the coaching relationship that establishes trust and rapport.

√ You'll discover the mindset necessary to let go of being the expert and become a trusted wellness ally for your clients.

√ You’ll refresh and hone your core coaching skills so you’ll feel competent and equipped to jump into any coaching scenario.

√ You’ll learn a proven goal-setting and action planning process to inspire and motivate your clients toward their ideal outcomes.

√ You'll get clarity on proven coaching techniques to guide your clients through an effective behavioural change process and ambivalence.

√ You’ll get a proven framework for your coaching program no matter what your niche or target market.

√ You’ll get scripts and templates for exactly what to say, ask and do during your foundation, ongoing and final sessions.

If you are:

→ Doubting your ability to coach clients because the whole process seems really unclear

→ Scared to launch your coaching biz because you feel like an imposter and a fraud

→ Focussed on more training or practice clients as a distraction from launching

→ Worried that clients will think it's a waste of  time and money working with you

→ Confused about how to provide value if you can't give advice or tell people what do

→ Afraid that you'll have to give up this dream and will end up being a failure

then Health Coaching Essentials Self-Study is right for you!

Here's what health coaches have said about working with Michelle

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That's all great, but will this work for me?

If you've already competed a health coach training program you have almost everything you need.

You have the basics. What you're likely missing is a solid coaching process and structure to follow because this isn't taught in most schools.

Once you have the framework and all the tools and resources to guide your clients through an effective health coaching program, you'll absolutely be ready!

In just 8 short weeks you can fill these gaps with these health coaching essentials and be on your way to a successful and rewarding health coaching career.

Imagine this...

You can't wait to market yourself because you believe so strongly in your abilities and process to support and guide your clients to healthier lives.

You're beaming with delight at the end of your coaching sessions because of how confidently you showed up and the progress your clients are making.

You feel joy and gratitude to be able to do this work that is aligned with your values and makes such a big difference in your clients' lives.

You receive positive feedback and referrals from clients because you're such a great coach.

What else would be possible if this was your story? 

Here's what'S inside

HCE Self study - Logo

I've created eight modules complete with videos, PDF downloads, handouts, scripts and client worksheets to support you in refining, honing and upleveling your health coaching skills, structure and process.

I've helped over 1000 health coaches uplevel their skills and build their confidence, now it's your turn!

When I left my 9 to 5 job, I vowed I'd become the best health coach I could be. Since then I’ve spent close to $25,000 on heath coaching trainings and certifications in 10 years.

After my first training I didn't feel confident in my skills and abilities as a coach. I wasn't sure what to do during my sessions and was being the expert trying to solve my client problems.

I knew I had to learn more and develop my skills and competencies to be a successful and effective health coach.

As I reflect back, I feel like it was a small financial investment that paid back huge dividends. Here’s what I was able to do because of my skills and confidence:

  • I ran an online group coaching program for five years
  • I worked with hundreds of private 1:1 coaching clients
  • I got hired at IIN and worked there for 7 years (still do)
  • I hosted a breakout session at IIN’s last live event
  • I’m now part of IIN’s CIP faculty
  • I got nationally board certified (NBC-HWC)
  • I’ve coached over 1000 health coach students
  • Provided feedback for over 800 coaching demos

That small investment still pays me back today. It’s allowed me to be the best coach I can be, serve my clients, do work that aligns with my values and go to bed at night knowing I made a difference.

Skills and confidence is what I offer you through Health Coaching Essentials Self-Study

When you weigh the benefits with the investment in the program and what it will bring to your future as an effective and successful health coach, I believe it’s an easy choice.

So tell me... are you in?

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Yes Michelle! I’m ready to get these Health Coaching Essentials


Here's what's included:

8 weekly modules 

17 video lessons

28 PDF resources

6 coaching session scripts

Highly converting discovery call script

Comprehensive customizable client agreement 

Detailed client welcome packet

Instruction on how to facilitate foundation sessions

Visioning worksheet

SMART goals setting worksheets

Values worksheets

Action planner and weekly tracker

and more...

And I have some extra goodies for you!

The 8 main modules of HCE will completely uplevel your coaching skills, structure and processes.

And you'll also receive these three bonuses that will support you in taking your health coaching to the next level.

BONUS #1 - 8 Complex Coaching Guides

I've created coaching guides for the top 8 main concerns and challenges I hear from new health coaches. Everything from helping clients who are stuck and overcoming limiting beliefs to and how to talk about diet and how to educate in a coach-like way.

Valued at: $397

BONUS #2 - Group Coaching Guide

 Not interested in 1:1 coaching? Want to experiment with group coaching or do a mix of both? In this guide, I'll explain how to  apply my coaching structure,  processes and framework to a group coaching situation so you can offer different tiers of offers.

Valued at: $197

BONUS #3 - Customizable Client Toolkit

Personalize 13 of the client resources I've provided in the course including agreement and welcome packet, vision, values & goals worksheets and more. Get Canva links to each of the files so you can rebrand them with your logo, colours and fonts.

Valued at: $297

More health coaches share their experience working with Michelle

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So let's recap!

8 weekly modules with 17 video lessons (Value $1800)

28 PDF downloads, resources and coaching tools (Value $1100)

5-step health coaching program framework (Value $250)

Complete client onboarding kit (Value $1200)

Instruction on how to lead foundation sessions (Value $450)

6-step blueprint for ongoing sessions incl. 6 scripts (Value $1800)

Techniques to guide clients through ambivalence (Value $750)

Unlimited access to all course materials and updates (Value $1200)

Bonus #1 - 8 complex coaching guides (Value $397)

Bonus #2 - Group coaching guide (Value $197)

Bonus #3 - Customizable client toolkit (Value $297)


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What some of my coaching circle students have said:

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A year after I promised myself I would be the best coach I could be and receiving mentorship, I got a gig at the world's largest health coaching school, IIN.

For seven years I've been coaching students in IIN's health coach training program. I've coached over 1000 students and I hear 95% of them say they're not ready to coach because they don't know enough and aren't confident in their skills.

I felt like this too, and for the first two years of my coaching career, I faked it big time. I was exhausted, confused, inexperienced and felt like I was wasting my clients' time and money.

To overcome my lack of confidence I did more health coach trainings and certifications.

In the end, I cobbled together bits and pieces of these courses into my own coaching structure and process, that I believe are based on best practices in the field.

After watching so many new health coaches struggle, I'm thrilled to finally bring this offering to you. No more trying to figure all of this out on your own like I did.

Inside Health Coaching Essentials Self-Study you'll receive the tools, strategies and processes to hone your skills, build your competencies and boost your confidence so you can become a successful and effective health coach.

Are you ready take the next step in your dream of having a fulfilling career and making a difference as a health coach?

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Health Coaching Essentials Self-Study:

8 weekly modules with 17 video lessons (Value $1800)

28 PDF downloads, resources and coaching tools (Value $1100)

5-step health coaching program framework (Value $250)

Complete client onboarding kit (Value $1200)

Instruction on how to lead foundation sessions (Value $450)

6-step blueprint for ongoing sessions incl. 6 scripts (Value $1800)

Techniques to guide clients through ambivalence (Value $750)

Unlimited access to all course materials and updates (Value $1200)

Bonus #1 - 8 complex coaching guides (Value $397)

Bonus #2 - Group coaching guide (Value $197)

Bonus #3 - Customizable client toolkit (Value $297)


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